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Blood Infections Rough Layout 1
so this and other pages are a part of a small comic I'm making around Frank Iero & the Celebrations' song 'Blood Infections'. I actually was in a rush a couple years ago and gave him the roughs after a show he had (my first time seeing him) was just so inspiring because the first thing I said to him was something along the lines of 'hi. I know these are crappy but I really wanted to give you something' or something along those lines. You know what he said? He said something like 'Hey, don't ever call your stuff crappy. you made it so it totally means something' or something like that. I'm paraphrasing of course since it was so long ago and I was just in AWE of being in his presence at all.

Honestly, he is a beautiful human being both on and off stage. I waited in line to meet him and all, and it was taking a while and soon the roadie guy said he only had 15 more minutes 'cause they have to go get on the road. We waited and waited and you know what? He waited until every person who waited in line got a chance to say hi and take a picture.

Not to poke, but it was a very different experience when I went to Gerard's first show in SF where people stayed behind to line up and he went down the line in a quick fashion. But that's the only time I saw him so I don't know if that's the norm.
So I've been re-readin my old stuff and damn. I forgot how good it felt to read it and then read the comments that apparently still make me smile. I think I'll get back to those stories if I have the time. And since i'me older and wiser and shit with an expanded vocabulary..
I really gotta start drawing my ships again..
Mandala Nightmare
So I never passed this stupid color painting class back at AAU mostly because it was just way too time consuming and I am not much of a painter. I did this piece maybe twice for the two times I've taken the class. I designed this myself, though obviously I have warped the Three Cheers Demolition Lovers. I dig how it turned out and evidently so did SAIC as they liked this in my portfolio.
Loved to Death
I was making this while watching Beetlejuice or something and it was really fun to look up the animal anatomy. This is an homage to my babies, living and passed on. I've had a record of 4 parakeets, all of whom have passed on, two cats (one passed away last year), and my rabbit who is still alive but I just really love how odd their skeletons are. Done in microns and brush pens.
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     So, this was last week but I am STILL geeking out about it! I saw the Frnk Iero and the Celebration show here in SF!!!! Ugh, it was just so awesome. Modern Chemistry and Homeless Gospel Choir were most definitely rad too! There was so much energy and good vibes going on. It was a surprisingly tame show! Definitely WAY more tame than the Gerard Way show by FAR. Most likely because it wasn't in the best of neighborhoods. STILL, awesome venue, Bottom of the Hill. Made a couple of line friends that, much to my shock, I saw after the show in the merch/ sign line. Which was pretty long and took FOREVER, but what was cool was that they go 'Okay, if you have anything for Frank to sign or give you can be cool and let those people who have to leave go first (bla bla) he has to go (bla bla) 15 minutes!' and we're all 'okay C'MON PEOPLE, let's go!'

     The line doesn't budge. People are most likely telling him their life story and taking FOREVER still. My buddies and I are all 'ugh!'. Its past midnight and I have work in the morning. I am also solo at this show and have to call my aunt for a ride all the way in the city. Imagine my thrill...BUT he was so super cool, he stuck around for EVERYONE. I thought that was so rad of him. Just, being in the same room as him..breathing the same goddamn air! It was so surreal and I tried not to freak out and tear like some girls did. My line buddies were very supportive and understanding being in the same proximity as..FRANK! So, in the end, he signed my CD, I shook his hand!, gave him a rough of the comic I made for him (which I will post here) that was inspired by 'Blood Infections', and a picture with him! God, it was SO worth waking up at 7AM. 

sidenote on the concert: He played Xmas Sux, This Song is a Curse, Sunsets are for Muggings, and did Boxcar (by Jawbreaker) with HGC
(all the little fan girls who had no clue about Leathermouth had their little jaws on the ground all '..wheeere did this come from o.o)


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I love to draw and paint. Music is a huge part of my life and influences my artwork. I hope to be a cartoon or comic artist. If all else fails I want to learn how to play my guitar someday.

Current Residence: California Bay Area native, but live in Chicago IL for school right now
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative, Metal, top 40
Favourite style of art: Drawing, Photography, Painting
MP3 player of choice: iPod, CD Player
Favourite cartoons: Danny Phantom, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Adventure Time
Personal Quote: Hangovers Last a Day, Regrets Last a life Time


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